• Beach and bush good for children

    Children at the Beach
    Beach and bush good for children..

    Beach and bush good for children
    It is always important to the growth of a child to get them familiar with nature and as many aspects of this as possible. Link to
  • Relationship and Grounding necessary

    Earthy relationships.
    Relationship and Grounding necessary..

    Relationship and Grounding necessary
    Family and relationship fostering and development need to be constantly grounded in nature.
  • Support for teen activities.

    Support for teen activities. ..

    Support for teen activities.
    Teens are our future and full of enthusiasm. As a club we have to support that using whatever resources we have.
  • The healthiest environments are free

    Beach activities
    The healthiest environments are free..

    The healthiest environments are free
    Get together and enjoy life. A beach has everything including clean water and air. Very healing.
  • O ne of the best fitness tests.

    Mountain Climbing
    O ne of the best fitness tests...

    O ne of the best fitness tests.
    This Mt Apo in the philippines took 26 hours for the up and down climbs.


Healthy Body Club.Net

Healthybodyclub is becoming the centrepiece for the biggest free natural health information network on the internet. Everybody knows what has gone wrong with health and quality of life in the world so we will not dwell on that nor get involved in the specifics of good health here on this site.
This site is where we enjoy good health and talk about it and communicate with others who are doing the same. Life is wonderful really at this level and no matter what age. So the first thing we are doing is establishing a page each for the different age levels. The baby or expectant mother pages will host a few light comments on healthy birthing and raising of children but then connects with the various specific websites in the group which cover all the aspects of healthy preparation for childbirth and the process itself and then of course the raising of healthy children. We as mankind have done it before and can do it again given the correct information. So the age related pages will flow on from this each connecting to the appropriate websites so there will never be an excuse for poor health ever again. You can have it if you choose it but good health is always the one which delivers quality of life. You do not have to be rich or famous! Just human to enjoy all this as good health is actually quite cheap almost everywhere in the world. It does take a little planning and so we cover that with websites as well.
Next important aspect is communications between members and again we are trying to cover all the bases over the next years. Special websites on specific topics are already started and here we do need some help. We we will survive without it but the importance of these pages will have already hit home and so maybe you can put some thought into writing an article on your specific favourite topic or even share a website with us. Joint venture websites are a practical way of making passive income. Because our information is always free and our advertisers are always only including genuine product, our profits will never be huge but very appropriate. Check out jointventurewebsites.com. So there are special pages being prepared for teenagers covering over a hundred topic ranges. Then all sporting groups will get a mention in fact again if you represent a specific sport in some way, why not add your sport connected website to our linking group. We already have thousands of members and huge traffic flow of people interested in health.
So the next cab off the rank is health retreats and while we do aim a little high there is obviously a massive need for budget health retreats. The first will be in Thailand and then Philippines. There is extreme excitement about the opportunity to go to a health retreat where many evenings are devoted to health training suitable for families. Then many activities of an energetic nature and of course delicious food which is actually totally good for you. And finally the personal treatments required to eliminate those last annoying health conditions. What more could you ask for. First one opens in March 2016 and we have a couple of bookings already.
Finally of course are all the specific websites providing free information for the reversal of every serious disease in the medical dictionary.


A growing percentage of teenagers have a weight problem and of course it is opposed to the wish to become fit. The weight has to go first. You try this diet and that diet and they do not work. The gym and the regular exercise are helping but you really wish to stabilise the weight so life becomes easy and enjoyable.
Unfortunately the human body has not changed much in this aspect for thousands of years. Famine was a fact of life back then so our body had a reaction mechanism to the threat of famine. Even without famine the seasonal fluctuations in availability of food were quite pronounced. So when food intake is reduced or dramatically changed the body goes into protection mode and stores as much food as possible. And you guessed it! It is stored as fat. This is survival. Your body goes into fat making mode. Stress adds to the problem when stress hormones such as triglycerides and cortisol levels going up and body becomes resistant to insulin and leptin. So dieting is artificially imposing a famine on your body. There is also some reason to believe that the factual nutritional levels are involved in this in that each individual body is tuned into it’s specific nutritional priority program. The conscious mind does not see this but the subconscious mind does.
Here is an example where research has discovered that Sucralose, one of the most popular low calorie sweeteners, had the effect of causing 23% increase in insulin resistance in the research group. This means while you are happy to be enjoying that drink with no calories, you are actually makeing your body go into fat storage mode and will put on weight.

There are other diets such as the low carbs and high protein diets which do help the weight but often put the body into toxic overload. Again it depends on the body as A blood types are not comfortable with meat and O types are. Incidentally there are more detailed articles about all these side issues in other websites listed in the contact pages.