About us

Well it seems that everywhere in the world we look around and see the decline in health standards and the increase in sickness. It is in every country but we do not have to part of it. This site is a communication site for those who are not part of the decline and would like to swap information and encourage more and more people to step off the slide.

So firstly we can find other like minded people to chat with and share information or anecdotes. Many experts from many natural health fields will join soon and the site will connect with hundreds of other sites which have a more specific angle on natural health. Some commercial and some sharing but all helpful.

So your ideas will be helpful and we are actively seeking a healthy team to run the site. If you are interested let us know. We will add some commercial advertisements but discreetly and only select products and services which are clearly healthy in a general way applicable to a wide variety of health programs.

We are confident that the club will grow and give us significant opportunities when purchasing health product as well as encouraging the publication of much free natural health information.

We have received many comments even before the home page was set up so lets get excited and share our ideas of what the site should offer so we can get the most out of it.

So the next months will reveal a lot of exciting new things happening in our natural health world. But the big ones are the establishment of naturalonly.club which is directory of natural health topics. It is currently being loaded but thousands of topics are already available. If your topic is not found put in a request.

The next news is the opening of englishbookforteens.com which is an english communication platform for teens around the world with membership, search, profiles, chat and much more. It is free to join and as for all our sites has a gentle overtone of natural health information and the encouragement of mentoring amongst teens.