Adult health

Thanks for joining us on this exciting site. You may be aware that the primary purpose of this site is to provide links to all the important websites containing free natural health information relating to every disease and topic relating to good health. Observant people will notice that the natural methods are the ones which produce health and quality of life. So we start with adult health and everywhere in the world there is a rapid decline. This is very sad and while we are sympathetic to every cause, it is important that we provide every possible resource to assist our members to get healthy and remain that way for life.

Everybody understands the damage being done by processed and fast foods although most of us accept a percentage as being acceptable although it is now evident that the damage is cumulative throughout life and also from each generation to the next.

So the major factors in damage to quality of life are lack of exercise and food without nutrition. We have a number of websites being prepared on gym work, body building, athletics and yoga to get the ball rolling. If you have any passions in this field we would love to hear from you by way of articles and detailed comments. Then to cover the food component we have websites on raw foods, alkaline body metabolism, paleo and ketogenics, fermented foods, fruits and vegetables all being prepared.

So the big difference here is the availability of free information. this is very important as there are some wonderful commercial sites but also thousands of them which give a sniff of information or wrong information, which is very damaging to the natural health industry and the millions of people who wish to stick with nature throughout life. Another difference is our ability and willingness to provide mentoring facilities to assist anyone to accomplish reversal of any disease or just improve health and fitness or finally to acquire new talents in the natural health industry.

Last but not least we have now included a chart in the website. The health chart can be filled out then you can load a PDF copy back to your computer. If you use mentoring on any of our websites you will use the form to supply to the Mentor. Then as you get healthier regular comparisons can be made. This is a valuable asset. Find it on the How Healthy Are You? Page