Teens is where it is all going to happen and soon!!!!! Teens are the worlds immediate future and the teenage years can be a part of life where one first encounters the community and business problems in life and also a formative stage for personal care and action patterns. There are many places where you can find individuals or groups of teenagers who are genuinely inspiring. They can excel in whatever they do and take a serious and comfortable place in the world.
So in this site and a special series specifically for the teens we plan to at least provide free natural health information to balance the medias intense pushing of junk foods and activity patterns which undermine the sanctity of the human body, the family and responsibility.
Teenage years are a great time to develop sporting skills. There are hundreds of sports and most of them require a level of activity which gets the heart and lungs pumping. Some make you stronger and again almost require some coordination, responsibility and discipline.
Activity and sport and of course the natural persist such as camping, hiking, sailing, skiing and mountain climbing also have a tendency to bring families together. Families were once the fabric of life and have largely been replaced by television and smart phones.