Teens are the future they are growing and accumulating knowledge. So we are doing what we can to make it possible for them to achieve this with a better understanding of life and how to enjoy it and make it better for others. Most teens are keen to help others and they all use the net. So we are producing a series of sites for teens based on mentoring by teens and a little natural health free information. The first site is englishbookforteens.com check it out. From there a series will be produced including such titles as schoolsbookforteens.com sportbookforteens.com and weightbookforteens.com. Many of the sites will have interest specific topics such as bicycles, swimming and running. Mentoring between teens will be promoted especially on an international scale as many nations are less affluent than others. The overtone of natural health information is just by way of stories concerning teens and children and basic safety and food information.